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Does snoring keep you and your partner awake at night? Is this affecting the quality of your sleep?

You might be surprised to know that about 33% of the population snores. This is because when we sleep our muscles relax and our airways narrow.

Snoring is the vibrating noise made when the back of the tongue vibrates and touches the back of the throat. About 5% of snorers also suffer from sleep apnoea.

For these people, their throats close during sleep and they stop breathing. This lasts from 5 secs to 2 mins and can happen several times a night. The sleeping brain is forced to wake up momentarily to allow air into the lungs, which is very is stressful.

The Sleepwell Device

At Kempston Dental Practice we offer Sleepwell as a cost-effective sleep apnoea and snoring treatment.

It is a custom-made device that you wear at night which prevents the lower jaw from dropping back during sleep thereby preventing the closure of your airways during sleep. This provides an effective long-term remedy for snoring.

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Benefits of sleep

Customised to your mouth

for maximum comfort

95% success in reducing


Robust but slimline

and comfortable

Side to side movement

whilst being

Book in for a Snoring Consultation with Dr Uma Madhav for only £50. This fee will contribute the cost of treatment if you decide to go ahead.

Patient Reviews

I had a snoring device fitted by Uma which worked wonders. The all process and service provided from start to finish was very professional and at the same time friendly. For someone whose snoring was extremely loud my snoring has almost been eliminated. The device is easy to use and not intrusive, I now sleep through the night without wakening up due to my snoring and feel totally rested in the morning. I highly recommended fitting one of these devices.