What are dentures?

If you are missing several teeth or a complete arch of teeth, carefully crafted dentures can replace the function and appearance of your natural teeth. Our denture technicians handcraft dentures based upon the dentist’s prescription following a thorough assessment and analysis of your mouth. Our natural-looking complete dentures are comfortable and designed to fit perfectly. If you only have a few missing teeth then a partial denture can be made to fill the gap.

Benefits of dentures:

  • Dentures give you a full, natural-looking smile
  • Dentures are durable and long-lasting
  • They enable you to eat more foods and speak comfortably
  • They can easily be removed
  • They give support to any remaining teeth
  • They are an affordable solution
  • They can be secured with dental implants

Dentures are custom made for each individual patient. They can be partial (if you still have some of your own teeth) or full (if you have no remaining teeth).

What are dentures made of?

Dentures are made out of acrylic or metal-chrome based.

Different materials are more suitable than others in certain circumstances. We can advise you on what options are available.

When teeth are missing and gaps cannot be filled with something fixed, such as bridges, a denture may be a solution.

For patients that want rock-solid dentures that don’t slip, we recommend implant-retained dentures. The Placement of two to four dental implants in the upper or lower jaw can secure a denture firmly in place.

What is the process for getting dentures?

Every denture is custom made to accurately fit each patient. We work in conjunction with a skilled dental technician to produce a result that feels comfortable and looks good. Making a denture usually takes five or six visits to our practice.