Dental Plans

We offer a range of payment plans tailored to meet the individual needs of a patient who wishes to attend regularly, have access to a reputable practice, and have the best care available for you and your family. These plans are designed to give patients the best chance of staying dentally fit and reducing the need for future treatment. As a member of a dental plan, you will have the peace of mind that your dentist provides your preventive dental care in return for convenient monthly payments. The monthly amount that you pay depends on the type of Plan.We have 3 plans at the practice that have different levels of cover.



Care Plan:Perio Plan:Membership Plan:Private Scheme:
  • 2x Dental health exams a year
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Routine X- rays
  • Up to 4 scale and polishes as clinically necessary.
  • Routine fillings, including composites
  • Routine dental extractions
  • 50% off Crowns/ Bridges/Veneers
  • 10% off Dentures and Root Canal Treatment.
  • World Wide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme*
  • Additional discount for members joining in the same Direct
    • 2x Dental health exams a year
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Routine X- rays
    • 4 Hygiene visits
    • World Wide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme*

(You do not need to be dentally fit to Join)

    • 2 x Dental health exams a year
    • Oral cancer screening
    • Routine X-rays
    • World Wide Dental Emergency Assistance Scheme*

(You do not need to be dentally fit to Join)

  • Dental health exams – including oral cancer screening
  • Affordable private dental care – rest assured, as you will be
    registered at a reputable practice and have access to our
    experienced dental team.
  • Access to high-quality dental care with the latest technology
    and materials.
  • Out of hours dental emergency care to registered private
  • 0% Interest-Free Finance available for dental treatments.


  • Cosmetic work
  • Implant Dentistry
  • Orthodontic Treatment
  • Referrals needed for Specialist Dentists


From £17.73 a month **£30.95 per month£9.63 per day(31p a day)Private Fee list

Best for

  • Spreading the cost over the year so it’s more manageable.
  • Peace of Mind – Best overall cover to avoid any unexpected costly surprises.
  • Spreading the costs over the year so it’s more manageable.
  • Patients with mainly gum problems/disease regularly need 3 monthly hygiene appointments.
  • Wanting to be registered to an established reputable practice
  • They want peace of mind that they will have regular access to good quality dental care with emergency care assistance.
  • Needing more flexibility.
  • Remain with a trusted, reputable dental practice for the whole family.

**Monthly fee based on a risk assessment at the most recent check-up must be dentally fit to join the Plan.

PLUS – You are never tied into a contract- Give us one month’s notice if you want to change schemes.

*World Wide Dental Emergency Scheme

  • Your dental Plan includes mandatory supplementary dental injury and emergency assistance providing peace of mind in the event of dental damage or emergency, i.e. receiving benefit payments from the schemes, e,g, costs of emergency call-outs and emergency treatment worldwide.

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For all Emergency Assistance and claims queries, please get in touch with our Insurance Team at 01747 873230.

For all other enquiries relating to your dental Plan or to update your details, please contact our Customer Services Team at 08456 802820.

Dental Emergencies under our plans

At home:
(within 15 miles of our practice)

When you are home, you should call the practice to access our dental emergency arrangements, including the out-of-hours emergency arrangements if required d. The Dental Plan will cover emergency treatment. If our emergency arrangements are unavailable, you may see a dentist of your choice or call the DPAS dental helpline for assistance (0800 525 631).

Away from home:
(more than 15miles from your dental practice)

If you are away from home or overseas, you may see a dentist of your choice.  Your hotel, holiday representative or hosts may also be able to provide contact details for a dentist in the ar a. If you need help obtaining emergency dental treatment, you may call the DPAS dental helpline (see below).

DPAS Dental Helpline numbers:

In the UK: 0800 525 631
Overseas: +44 1747 820841

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To join these plans, you must register at the practice and have an initial new patient examination. Please talk to your dentist about joining one of our fantastic plans to see which benefits you best.

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