dental implantsAre you missing one or more teeth? Or do you have difficulty eating certain foods or speaking clearly due to tooth loss? Do you suffer from the discomfort of ill-fitting dentures? If so dental implants might be the solution for you. Tooth replacement through dental implants is one of the best and most natural-looking options for people wanting to improve their appearance and fill the gaps left by missing teeth.

A dental implant consists of a substitute tooth root made from titanium, which is placed into the space your previous tooth root occupied. A natural, tooth-colored crown is then fitted to the dental implant. Implants can also be used to stabilise a loose denture to stop it slipping or support a bridge.

The greatest benefit with dental implants is that they feel comfortable, natural, and secure – you’ll find you can eat anything you want. Implants also prevent the jaws from shrinking, which helps you maintain a younger-looking face. We offer a full range of implant treatments from the replacement of a single missing tooth to more complex treatment involving bone-grafting, sinus lifts and replacing a full arch of missing teeth.

Patient Testimonials

Although I have had regular dental reviews, I had lost some lower teeth in the past, and my ability to chew food properly was poor. I was advised by my regular dentist that I may be a candidate for dental implants, and we agreed that she would refer me to Prashant for a consultation. The initial consultation went well, Prashant was friendly and knowledgeable and explained what would happen at each stage of the treatment. All dental work is a bit worrying, but I found the experience with Prashant at Kempston Dental Practice was dealt with in an expert and skilled way, whilst always making me feel at ease. I am very happy with the treatment provided and the professional way this treatment was conducted, and very pleased with the final result. My dental function is much improved now and the appearance of the teeth I now have is wonderful. Prashant and the Practice team are very proficient, skilled and trained, and I was very well treated throughout. Overall, this was a great experience and I am extremely happy with the outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Prashant to anyone requiring dental implants.

‘Amanda Lawlor,

‘I am a 61yr old retired nurse and unfortunately got to the situation where the last molar on my right lower set of teeth had to be removed due to an infection. The dilemma was then with me to either have a tooth attached to a plate which I wasn’t over thrilled with or to replace it with an implant as my right side chewing power was no longer there and if I smiled too much it showed a big gap which I was very conscious of. After great discussion with my dentist I decided that I would investigate the possibility of an implant with Dr Prashant Naik who is a visiting dentist at our practice specializing in this field. I met with him and one of the practice dental nurses to discuss and see pictures of the procedure, I was made aware of the cost implications, the time scale and what would be expected of me after each part of the procedure. Despite losing some of the jaw bone during the extraction Prashant assured me he could help my situation. Prashant and the team at Kempston Dental Practise were very professional, caring and respectful. Throughout the total procedure I was informed of what was happening each visit, showed pictures of any scans, x-rays that I had had taken and always answering any questions before starting the next stage. I was extremely pleased with the end result that looks like one of my natural teeth and I have no regrets having this implant. I have to make sure that I keep the tooth and area around it clean, but I can chew on that side, smile and no longer feel conscious of the gap that was there after I had the tooth removed. I know that as long as I look after it will be there for me and I wouldn’t hesitate to have Prashant replace another tooth if the need arose’

‘Lynda Pickering,

One side of my mouth my upper teeth were moving and was in pain when chewing so I could only use the other side of the mouth. I also had lower teeth missing so I had no bite for the front teeth. I now have 4 implants on the lower with a new lower denture and a replacement upper denture, I now have a perfect bite and the denture is very comfortable to wear and no movement. The appearance of my dental work is absolutely fantastic and the dental function has allowed to bite apples and peanuts which I haven’t been able to do for some years until now. My experience at KDP has been excellent and have been informed at each stage of the process. I have been treated professionally by all the staff at KDP. I made a request to have surgery on Saturday morning which KDP did to accommodate me.

‘Jagjt Dhillon,

I chose to get dental implants as my bite and chewing in particular was problematic with the missing tooth. Tended to favour one side of the mouth. Now very pleased with the end result and the team at Kempston were very very good. Very professional and caring, and I am very happy with the appearance of my tooth and function.

‘Tom Rodger,

I have always been a regular visitor to the dentist for 6-month check-ups etc. for many years but have never been entirely satisfied with the service and treatment and have changed dental practices a number of times until I was recommended to change to Uma Madhav from Kempston Dental Practice. I have used Uma for a number of years now and couldn’t be happier with the service and treatment that I have received. Uma is very professional and friendly and has made great improvements to my teeth including cosmetic work which I am absolutely delighted with! My check-ups are very thorough and thanks to Uma’s advice on how to take care of my teeth I haven’t needed any more serious treatment.

I will stay with this practice and, as I have said to Uma, I would rather visit the dentist now than the doctor!